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The head model comes from the game Nier Automata, from Platinum Games and Square Enix.

This is a tool I use to practice drawing heads with shadows. It make it easier to get where are the highlights and shadows, especially around the nose and lips. I have used it for a couple of drawings and decided to package it to an executable and share it.

You can rotate the light with WASD, reset the rotation with R and with the mouse rotate the camera around the head.

Why this is not in HTML5/WebGL? I'm using the HDRP pipeline (to get some crisp shadows) and it's not possible to target the HTML5 platform :( 


  1. FPS counter.
  2. Now the light moves instead of the head.

Check my other drawing tool: Pose viewer

Hand viewer

PlatformsWindows, macOS
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face-viewer-win.7z 20 MB
face-viewer-mac.7z 20 MB

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